Hi, and welcome to my bio. For those of you who do know me, my name is Abel Sanchez. I am the founder and CEO of Starfish Ad Age LLC. We are a digital ad agency, Starfish’s primary focus is programmatic advertising, but we are not married to programmatic. Our goal is to make sure our clients achieve their goals with digital ads regardless of the platform. Too many agencies claim they understand digital advertising but yet only use 1 or 2 platforms to push out a message. My mission is to help businesses understand that there is an entire digital ecosystem outside of Facebook and Google.

My journey began from a traditional background in media, like most marketing professionals I sold ads. I became successful and started to make a name for myself within the organization. Digital soon consumed more, and more of the eyeballs and traditional media began to take a backseat. I became obsessed with understanding how it all clicked. The more I went down the rabbit hole, the more I realized how much misinformation was out there and pushed out to businesses by media companies and agencies.

As a digital media professional, my responsibility is to educate myself and continue to improve my knowledge. This industry changes rapidly, like a moving target.

My main reason I founded Starfish Ad Age was because of the amount of misinformation around digital marketing, not just in East Texas.

Coming from a traditional background and knowing what ad inventory is sold would shock businesses.

The truth is that we are all buying ad inventory from the same sources. Nobody has a “premium” product that is not available to anyone in an auction.

One of our main goals here is to help businesses understand and build a marketing team internally and directly buy ad inventory from sources. By doing this, companies would save hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly.

Abel Sanchez

CEO, Starfish Ad Age LLC