CMO – How to Market for Marketing

My job at Starfish is definitely one of a kind. It’s one thing to be the head of marketing for your

business, but it’s an exciting career path to lead the marketing for your company whose job is to

market for other companies. A lot of people confuse sales and marketing as the same beast.

Sales is driving business revenue while marketing handles business awareness. I love handling

both the sales and marketing at Starfish. Being in the industry of programmatic and digital

strategies takes a lot of education and brand awareness. This is the driving force behind sales

for our industry. Businesses need to understand the full ins and outs of how digital really is

meant to operate for us to appropriately solicit the right clientele. The driving force of being able

to educate people and also help them grow is the root of my passion at Starfish. Strategically

using a well-rounded marketing campaign for our own company while selling it to others. My job

here is to bring awareness to the values of our team through networking, referral marketing,

branding vision, and of course a collaborative effort from the staff in creative digital campaigns.

I feel confident that Starfish has been able to set the example that investing into your business

through these methods really helps you stand out and succeed. It takes more than just releasing

a well copied message to gain growth. As a marketer you need to be able to effectively build

trust, loyalty, and a reputable image. Also don’t forget your personal branding touch. Every

business needs a brand that people can identify them with. We’ve been able to brand ourselves

as informed, educated, edgy, unique, and innovative. We definitely are not your typical team or

average agency, but we are exactly what you need to help you truly understand growing your

business as well as educating you on how it all works.