In House Training

In House Training

In House Training

Do you already have a team in place that has an idea about advertising and marketing but needs a little polishing? We can help with that too. Starfish Ad Age in house training teaches businesses the tools and resources they need to be successful in house vs. outsourcing to marketing agencies such as us to do it all for them.

Why would we offer our knowledge in this way? Simply put, we want to empower your business! Giving the knowledge to our consumers on how to create long term success and utilize all platforms to power house your customer return number.

Power to the people

Here at Starfish Ad Age, we offer top of the line industry education and are certified to train you in the world of digital marketing and digital strategy. We believe that every business should have the resources they need to succeed – no matter their budgets or preferences. If you have a team of individuals who have the right idea, but are in need of some guidance, that’s where we can help you.

Bring it on home

Nobody knows your business better than your employees. More than likely your employees will have the deepest understanding of what your business needs or is lacking, serving as your frontline eyes. That’s where in house training for your team comes to play. Here are a few benefits of in house marketing:

New Doors 

Staying up to date with the latest trends, fads, innovations and technology can be intimidating. But they don’t have to be! In fact, all of those things can increase your brands awareness and open new doors in the way of business! By implementing these different avenues into your own marketing strategy, you are able to grow your business organically with your consumers, – current and new!

Better Communication

The world of business and marketing is pretty cutthroat – let’s be honest. And having strong communication within your business is vital for survival. Our training focuses on how to effectively communicate with your customers on all levels, orally, written or digitally.

Ability to compete with larger businesses 

Starfish Ad Age LLC will give you the knowledge to compete with larger companies and your local competitors on a whole new level. We show you how to optimize your visibility to increase your brand awareness.

Identify changes in your clients engagement with your brand 

Your team is on the front lines, and are the first to see increases or drops in your brand’s engagement. Starfish will give you the tools to increase your company sales through targeted brand exposure strategies. This effective way of marketing can identify shifts in buying behavior, brand engagement, and customer satisfaction overall.

Somebody say digital savvy? 

In order to have a successful in house marketing team – first thing is first, you really have to be digital savvy. With over ⅔ of the population shopping online and searching the web, if you aren’t appealing to this market of consumers, you are missing out on most of your clientele. Our effective and hands on marketing training informs businesses on how to be more successful in terms of selling their services and products online. And building that needed engagement.

Cost Effective Investment  

A tale as old as time, we have heard it millions of times, ‘I can’t’ afford a marketing budget’. That’s why so many businesses are moving to in house marketing. Starfish Ad Age LLC brings your business quality training at a reasonable price. Take into consideration how much money having the right marketing tools and knowledge is likely to bring your business in the long-term. In house marketing training is a sound and cost-effective investment that many small businesses simply can’t afford to ignore.

Gain the marketing skills you need to elevate your brand

The world of digital marketing and technology is steadily evolving – and we are the digital chameleons. Give your company the marketing skills that your brand needs to stay in the eyes of not only your consumers but your competitors as well.

Is in-house training right for my business? 

If you run a small business and your marketing efforts are either non-existent or aren’t getting you very far, it could be worth investing into In-House marketing training for your team members. We are happy to help and will customize your marketing gameplan to your brand.

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