Marketing 101

Marketing 101

Marketing 101

Marketing is everywhere. 

With more demand from consumers, products are steadily increasing their market awareness and how their brand looks to those target customers. Marketing can be anything from a billboard that you see as you drive to and from work, an advertisement on a social media platform, and yes, even your favorite magazines, blogs, and television show the market to you. You fall into the general pool of consumers based on your habits, brands then use marketing to re-target you in the name of the business. And in general, it is business, marketing links the realms of our economy and connects them to us, the consumers. 

In short, marketing is the act of driving profitable customer actions for the benefit of a business. The goal of marketing is to motivate the target consumer in making a purchase of the product they are selling. 

Steps in marketing

  1. The dream – This is the drawing of your business blueprint
  2. Set a goal 
  3. Set a marketing budget aside 
  4. Research 
  5. Who is your target market? 
  6. Look at your competitors and find how to stand apart 
  7. Cutting the ribbon (unveiling their offer) 
  8. Let’s tell the world! It’s time to market your product!

The 4 Ps in the “Marketing Mixer”

Following the 4 P’s of your marketing plan will ensure that your business is reaching the target audience. Let’s say that you own a salon, if no research is done (such as the 4 Ps), there is no marketing strategy, and you are not in the eyes of your target consumer. Then you must ask yourself, how will anyone that needs your service or product see your business?

That’s where the 4 Ps come in to enhance your chances of maintaining a successful business. For the long haul. 

  1. Product 
  2. Place 
  3. Promotion 
  4. Price

Your story matters 

You’ve started your business, you are creating your brand, how you are going to connect with your audience is going to matter. What drives your business? What emotional connection can you make with your targeted consumer so that they want to engage with your brand? 

Successful businesses stay successful businesses by making their audience feel something and by being consistent in their brand. 

How can your business or brand be relatable to your audience?

How does it make them feel?

Does your product or brand benefit your consumer? 

Create an emotional connection with your consumers, and market to them like a friend through your brand.

Solidify your brand 

Professional writers, designers, and programmers will understand the complete digital DNA and how it will have a creative and meaningful impact on your target audience. This starts by creating a solid brand strategy and then executing it. A professional marketing team will understand how the digital ecosystem runs and will engage in every platform possible to solidify your brand’s validity.  

You make your product – and we will make it extra- extraordinary. 

Budget Brain

How will your business stand out in the ocean of competition? Once relying on word of mouth, that is not the way our world does business anymore. Billboards, newspapers, even postal letters are out of date. We now rely on our technology, as most can be found carrying a phone, wearing a smart-watch, carrying a tablet, or laptop. Surrounding ourselves with instantaneous, real-time reactions vs outdated marketing practices that are untraceable. 

But what if you didn’t have a marketing plan in place, what would your business look like then? 

Creating your marketing budget and following through with it will give value back to not only your business but your customers as well. A budget doesn’t have to be about what you are going to spend, but more of what you are willing to create. 

Get Social 

You scrolling on your Facebook timeline when all of a sudden you see an ad pop up based on something relative you searched for. That is digital marketing, targeting your consumers to entice them to purchase your product or service. And through this marketing tactic – we are able to re-target your consumers even after they have made a purchase. Following through with data, analytics, and strategies. Social media is a great place to start – that’s where all the people are now. 

Social media is a world where anything goes – as long as you brand it. Take for example that you run a computer store and for the month of May, you run a special that any lady named May is entered to win a free computer. The post spreads like wildfire and gains your company’s mass attention. You branded your brand. Letting your voice be heard by providing your followers with content that is engaging, valuable, informative, and shareable. 

Digital Is Always Open 

Within recent years marketers have seen a dramatic increase in consumers who interact virtually with companies, and businesses through primarily – their smartphones. Something that we all have with us on our day to to day activities. Easily accessible, and always there to deliver the latest news, hottest sales, and information right from the tips of your fingers. As our smartphones become more advanced, our lives become busier, and the need for technology increases, reaching your consumers has become easier than ever! Take advantage of the digital ecosystem and utilize it. 

Know Your Customer 

In a perfect world, we hope to be reaching our intended target audience. However, sometimes our reach goes beyond who we intended to target. In order to create content that is engaging and relative to your consumers, you have to know who they are, what do they like, take into consideration their habits. We know when you are just starting out that fine-tuning of understanding can take some time, trails, and errors. That is okay! Social media is a great place to start gauging your consumers and crafting a brand they are proud to purchase and interact with. 

Test Your Marketing

Seasoned marketers will know that testing and crafting your content for engagement is key. Fine-tuning your content to your target market consumers will provide you with the ability to measure your engagement and steadily improve as the market changes. Promotional deals, flash sales, and other enticing offers are likely to show you as well what you consumers are interested in the most. 

Crafting Inspiration 

Inspiration has proven to be crucial for creative thinking. Looking at your market competitor’s marketing tactics can help you elevate your brand as well. While you don’t want to steal other brand’s ideas, concepts, or branding tactics, you can gain inspiration to craft for your own brand. Inspiration can come from your children, friends, and other unlikely sources; such as the mailman, the store cashier, even grandma may be able to give you some great “outside of the box” marketing ideas. 

Keeping It Fresh

Marketing is more than selling something. Marketing is about creating a relationship between the consumer and the brand. Approach everything that you do with your brand with the spirit of relevancy and playfulness. It’s important to keep your brand fresh for the most approachable results. Keep in mind why you started, and the essence of newness you began with, and you will always be relative to your loyal customers, and new audiences!