I’m a self-made entrepreneur and have been running, owning, and managing multiple businesses locally over the past 8 years. I started and operated all my businesses through digital platforms. Starting off as a young entrepreneur at 22 and becoming a successful marketing professional by the age of 30, I have met my passionate role here at Starfish as theChief Marketing Officer and Director of Sales. Staying busy is only a small mark in the dent that is my life. Giving my 3 kids a fulfilling life is what led me to Starfish. Before my job here I spent weekend after weekend running my makeup artistry business which led me tired and missing out on my kids milestones as well as time for myself. This was even after I retired from my promotional agency franchise, Bomb Squad South Coast as well as my 4 year professional modeling career. I still run and operate makeup, but now on my terms. Working two jobs is never easy, but the motivation and hustle is worth every cent. All the while I’m building a strong, independent female example for my children. Now I enjoy lots of time with my husband, going on camping trips, hiking, traveling, art, concerts, Dallas Cowboys games and much more.

Mindy Lewellen

Chief Marketing Director, Starfish Ad Age LLC