Natalie Blair is an expert content writer and social media manager for Starfish Ad Age LLC, and is in the business for the businesses. Natalie believes that digital marketing is the new age of advertising – and as a dedicated member of the Starfish Team strives to provide our clients with the most up to date knowledge and information available.Natalie first started in the world of marketing and media in the year 2012. She began at the age of 18 shortly after graduating high school with a Dallas Talent and Entertainment company. Her work has been featured on magazines, tv shows, online, billboards, and local advertisements. Natalie has two small boys, loves animals, and has a heart for people. She enjoys being outdoors camping, fishing, riding 4 wheelers, spending time with her family, watching comedies, as well as the arts, culture, and last but not least, food!

Natalie Blair

Social Coordinator, Starfish Ad Age LLC