Are You Ready to Cut Out the Middle Man?

We want you to outsmart your competition, not out spend them.

Starfish has been giving smaller brands access to programmatic advertising technology and offers them the ability to compete with larger brands without spending a large budget.

What Exactly Is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising is essentially an automated machine learning to buy (and sell) advertising in real-time.

How Does It Work?

You are looking to gain more clients and increase your revenue, right? 

Programmatic advertising is able to identify online consumers by variables such as: 

Demographics (male/female, desired age ranges)

Geographics (location, neighborhood, surrounding area)

Interests (specific offers from your business, services, etc.)

Behaviours (online, in store, apps)

Time of day (morning, noon, evening, nights)

Weather (sunny, rainy, cold, hot)

Device (smartphones, desktop, tablet) 

Programmatic Advertising then uses real-time data to identify the best online audience(s) for your campaign and purchases digital ad inventory through an auction based on everything available across multiple devices. Specifically in places that your audience shows interest in. The advertisements are then personalized and structured on each individual customer’s unique interest in your product. 

Intelligent connections are established, data insights are generated, and business performance is optimized.

Why Is Programmatic Advertising Becoming So Important?

To put it simply – It’s more efficient. Prior to programmatic advertising humans were often an unreliable source for buying and selling ads. With falling sick, forgetfulness, our need to sleep, and the occasional work hangover. While automation and machines fluidly and effectively manage the programmatic dashboard with little to no fault.

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