2021 Design Trend predictions

2021 Design Trend predictions

In the past few years companies have shifted to a cleaner and more minimal design but in the coming year or two I can foresee them shifting to a more drastic brutalist take with less attention to white space and cleanliness and more play on visual tension and grabbing attention. 

I think a huge idea that people will play with specifically on websites is the idea of having to interact with the medium in order for it to be legible. So say for example you’re scrolling through a web page, elements will shift out of time with each other to obscure or reveal certain elements depending on how far you’ve scrolled through the page. 

Another thing that I think will come into play is reducing the kerning on logos to the point where they overlap but in a way that doesn’t detract from the overall visual structure. I also think that will be popular is design saying a lot with a little. For example, maintaining the sense of minimalism with maximum white space but using what elements are presented to bring flourish to the otherwise sparse narrative providing a sort of give and take of attention. 

The final projection that I see is something that I hope to implement into my work in the future is playing off both disorder and white space. I find that there is a bit of duality that goes into design with this in that it appears outwardly chaotic and disorderly but upon further inspection there is a method to the madness and even a hidden meaning. I may be a bit biased but I love to find ways to make intricate designs that look crazy detailed and feel like they shouldn’t work but somehow do. 

All that to say that I love seeing how design has improved and evolved since the beginning and how it has either been brought to the current years or how the designs of today draw from the past. It brings me joy to know that I get to be a part of the designs of today and maybe even influence the designs of tomorrow.

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