Happy National Women’s History Month!

Happy National Women’s History Month!

Let’s talk about how women are not only pure forces of power, encouragement, inspiration, motivation, talent, and skill but how they also are driving our economy!

Women control $7 Trillion in U.S. spending. They are also the top home-buyers after married couples at 18% doubling the 9% for single men.

We also know that 85% of women will remain loyal to a brand that they like and feels speaks to them.

So are we doing our best to understanding the modern woman? Women have a heavy influence on how well our economy does. In 2018 over half of the 26 Forbes’ 50 Most Influential CMO’s of 2018 were women. So while women not only influence and decide the majority of consumer purchases, women are rapidly taking leadership and wealth by storm.

Brands must move on from traditional forms of marketing to reach the diversity of the average modern woman. Women like to get to know their brands and they rely on brands to be convenient. A lot of women in 2021 are not only managing full households, but they are also employed and hardworking. With that knowledge, we must learn to adapt how we make ourselves available to the largest consumer in the US; women.
Is your brand conveniently accessible online? Do you offer service through online booking platforms? Do you have the products that can be shipped and bought online? These are all questions that brands should be asking themselves when trying to appeal to the modern consumer. 91% of women feel that advertisers do not know how to appeal to them. This goes beyond convenience. As a business/brand make sure that your marketing efforts speak to the lady of the house and women in general.
Woman's Month Infographic

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