Shifting Your Dollars

Shifting Your Dollars

Let’s face it, video chats are fantastic, but nothing beats the in-person interaction. I for one, miss it and can’t wait until we go back to some routine that seems like back in the day. Regardless of the 2020 shit show, there is some light.

One thing is for sure. People are online more than ever before, and more advertising dollars are following that path.

Video has become the #1 digital ad format, and it is no surprise. Video platforms and devices are rushing to Nielson to provide Digital Ad Ratings for running ads. Yes, you read that right, devices, not just platforms.

A few months back, I wrote about Vizio, TV manufacture that is collecting data on its 13million users to sell ads programmatically. Opening up this new ecosystem opens up the doors to more platforms to work with ratings, which will measure audiences, demos, and overall users much more strategically.

Traditional TV has always struggled with measurement, but with Digital TV, the ratings become more specific to segments. Users with certain interests and online shopping behaviors, which appeal to brands when targeting more specific messages.

If you haven’t created a plan for reaching consumers this holiday season, I recommend shifting your dollars to CTV.

A few tips:

  1. Prepare
    1. Have a plan
    2. Execute on platforms based on message
    3. Don’t wait. Act now
  2. Harness your customer contacts strategically
    1. No massive emails for deals
    2. Segment your message
    3. Mobile as much as possible
  3. Shop local – If you don’t have an eCommerce site
    1. What are you waiting for?
    2. Prepare with a one-page landing page.
    3. Stop giving Amazon all the business.
    4. Open or closed. Consumers will be home. Make the best of it.

This holiday season is unlike any other but if 2020 has taught us anything is more brands need to adjust their efforts and stop relying on walk-in business or word of mouth. Just because your business has been around for 20+ years and you have yet to make the necessary changes will hinder your ability to navigate in 2021.

Stay healthy, familia.

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