Why does your business need marketing?

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Why does your business need marketing?

First things first, “When does your business need marketing?”. 

And how we would answer this question is, “ALL THE TIME”! 


Here at Starfish, we have often taken notice that many small business owners don’t take their marketing budgets seriously, and therefore they do not treat it as an investment for their businesses, but rather an expense. Hope is not a marketing strategy. And this mindset is often linked to the downfall of many brick and mortar businesses. 


Marketing your business takes consistency, determination, and putting the right strategies in place to set yourself up for success. By being consistent in your marketing tactics, you are sure to reap the benefits of customer engagement, and loyalty. 

  • You are able to build awareness by continuously being visible to prospective customers.
  • Your business has the ability to establish a solid relationship and foundation for your business. This can be achieved through informational articles, blogs, and other informational tactics. 
  • Gain the ability to set yourself apart from the competition. 
  • You now will have the ability to keep up with your analytics. What are your customers interested in? What are they engaging with your business the most?


Secondly, marketing serves 5 key benefits to your business. Interested to know more about that?

  • Marketing is informative 

With marketing, you have the unique opportunity to let your potential customers learn about your brand or services. This allows you to show your audience why you are their go-to for whatever they are looking for. From what you post, to the content on your website, this is how you talk to your customers before you interact with them. This is your chance to be unique. 

  • Customer engagement

We aren’t saying that being in-person and serving your customers in-store isn’t a great option. But what about once your customers leave your store? Digital marketing keeps your business insight and in mind, even after that in-person transaction is over. And, will keep them coming back. This is when you can turn a one-time consumer, into a lifelong supporter. Your customers are your sustainability. Without their support, you have no business. It’s important to show your customer appreciation such as post-purchase follow up emails, newsletters, replying on social postings, postcards or emails with special offers, and information on new services. Those are just a few, of many ways you are able to stay in touch with your target audience. 

  • Building your reputation

Reputation is everything when you are beginning a business, and maintaining a business. Having a positive reputation is vital to the success of your business. Unhappy customers or lack of follow-through is sure to kill a business. Your reputation is the tipping of the scale for if a consumer decides to choose your business over your competitor. Strong, reliable, branded, professional, this is how your marketing will represent you, and your business. From well-crafted posts, quality images, high-end marketing materials, strategies, and tactics, everything you do is representative of your unique business brand. Be credible to your clients, and customer loyalty will follow. 

  • Increased sales anyone? 

We all want sales at the end of the day, right? What many small business owners, entrepreneurs, and businesses don’t understand when it comes to making sales is this; if they can’t see you, how will they know about your existing business? For example; you wouldn’t know that there was a McDonald’s on the other side of town unless they advertised to you in some way that they were there. Right? The same goes for much smaller businesses, if not more than ever. While yes, you will have walk-in traffic, having a digital marketing plan in place extends the reach of your business, and will draw outside attention to where you are, and what you are selling. Examples of these marketing tactics are showcases on new products, services, or offerings. As well as, your social media posts, online business listings, emails, and more. 

  • Experience business growth 

Essentially, the growth comes from a collaboration of all the above. When you choose a strategic marketing plan, certain strategies and tactics are put in place crafted for your line of business. If you are successful in your delivery, you will consistently keep your customers engaged with your brand and coming back to your business. Growth means, maintaining the customers you already have, and improving the numbers of customers you intend to have in the future. 

Bottom line

The heart, soul, and success of your business lie in your marketing plans. Without it, you are unable to promote or sell your products and services to potential customers. Even if you offer the best of the best in your market. If you are looking for a full-service marketing strategy for your small business, contact Starfish today!

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