Social Media Marketing

Is having a company social page enough? The answer is NO. Having a plan and social goal is critical, but it is just the beginning. Brands must engage with their audience and not just push out offers and promotionsDon’t be that brand on social media basically screaming at their followers to “COME AND BUY OUR PRODUCT!” Engage with your audience and encourage conversion by creating quality posts unique to your brand. Be social on social media

These platforms also offer other ways to target consumers by using insights into demographics, age, education, gender, likes, interests, location and more. The amount of information that users freely give to these platforms is the best way to market to those audiences.

Without some form of social media, it is almost impossible to grow a successful business. Social media gives businesses an opportunity to expand their audience and reach. Here at Starfish Ad Age LLC, we have a highly educated and experienced social media team that can help grow, optimize and set your brand apart in the noisy social media environment. Each platform has different audiences, tactics, and structureswhen it comes to advertising

We are always learning, and are well equipped to market to consumers across all platforms. A successful social media page takes a lot of time and effort, as well as a trained eye to post what each audience is more likely to be drawn to. Every business should have a strategy for every platform. Content and graphics should be created with that in mind. Our social media staff works hand in hand with our graphics department and they are very adamant about delivering only the best campaigns for your social media growth

Graphic design and content are essential to a brands message and how they target their consumers. Most advertising agencies outsource their creative to independents and freelancers. While this is great for smaller entities, we believe that creativity should be cohesive and held to the same vision and standards of the agency and the client. Which is why we are proud to say that all of our creative is made in-house. Starfish Ad Age LLC being a premium agency, all of our services need to be held to a premium caliber, which includes the development and organization of our own creative team. We not only invest in our creative team but in our products as well. At Starfish, we don’t just offer the run of the mill standard ad formats. We also offer HTML5 and Rich Media; two innovative forms of advertising technology that will set your branding message apart.

brand ambassador is a person, animal or cartoon (like a mascot) that a company uses as a physical entity of their business. A brand ambassador is a walking, talking physical representation of that company’s image. Some examples are the infamous chihuahua from Taco Bell in the ’90s, or Peyton Manning debuting as the face of Nationwide Insurance. Starfish Ad Age offers a contract to any business who would like to create a representative for their brand to help promote their image. A brand ambassador can help potential customers identify with the company and the values they hold. For example, a dental office may hire a brand ambassador that has had a tremendous amount of work done on their teeth to be the face of their company. That ambassador may attend events, pose for branding shoots/videos, and run a digital or media presence geared towards pushing their company’s legitimacy.