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Meet PK

He’s Our brand ambassador! He’s been educating and empowering businesses since 2017. And while PK kid started out as an idea he quickly turned into our mascot over the course of our branding expansion. 

So what does PK stand for? We get this alot. 

PK stands for Programmatic kid, it’s kinda our niche. Here at Starfish Ad Age LLC our team prides ourselves in being set apart in the world of digital advertising and marketing using the latest technology in programmatic advertising strategies.


Are you looking to improve Ad performances with real time capabilities? Would you like to decrease your cost, while increasing your optimization, targeting, and data management? If you answered yes, Programmatic Advertising might just be for you! 

What is it you ask? Think about it as a digital ecosystem. All platforms simultaneously working together, all while maintaining your preferred audiences and optimizing your numbers. In short, Programmatic Advertising is the automated version of online buying and selling of advertisements. This streamlines your database based on target audiences and manages them across one technological platform.  How cool is that?


Looking to be on page 1 of Google or other top search engines? This is how we do it. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, in short meaning; we use keywords to enhance your visibility to potential consumers that are interested in your market of business. 

Why are keywords so important for search engines?  Well, let’s use this analogy; your website is explored by little search bugs that report back to the main engine when they find key phrases that are being searched for by your consumer. So, when your site is lacking in SEO, those little bugs won’t find any relevant information to report, and your site will fall to the bottom of the stack (welcome back to page 10 on Google).

Social Media

Generating leads, and jumping in front of the eyes of consumers, social media marketing has enhanced the way we do business. Taking mom and pop shops outdated methods and turning clicks into clients. Social media marketing gives you the opportunity to increase your presence on multiple social platforms, such as; Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest etc. 

Utilizing multiple social media platforms you can promote your content to new customers, increase your brand awareness, generate promising leads, and improve your customer service through engagement with your consumers.


Do you already have a team in place that has an idea about advertising and marketing but needs a little polishing? We can help with that too. Starfish Ad Age teaches businesses the tools and resources they need to be successful in house vs. outsourcing to marketing agencies such as us to do it all for them. 

Why would we offer our knowledge in this way? Simply put, we want to empower your business! Giving the knowledge to our consumers on how to create long term success and utilize all platforms to power house your customer return number. 

Data Strategy

Take charge of your business and create new competitive advantages, all while developing your brand. Our world has gone digital, and technology has become a key factor in many businesses. So what does that mean for you? It means that catching the eye of your ideal consumer is critical so that they can engage with your brand, services, offers, or products. 

Putting the right digital strategies in place shows your consumers many things about what your business does, and stands for. Such as, your presence, capabilities, integrity, action, and trustworthiness.

We're Digital Chameleons​

We are the digital chameleons in the market of advertising and we are optimizing campaigns nationwide, from the heart of East, Texas. Our company is dedicated to staying up to date and current on what’s new and happening within the advertising world so that we can optimize the world of our clients through our technological strategies. We are here to optimize your digital ecosystem – and your brand.

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